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HITRUST® :: What is it?

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HITRUST® :: What is it?

The clarity around standards, compliance and requirements in regards to the Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) has been cloudy at best. In response to these inconsistencies, HITRUST Alliance was born. Its purpose is to ensure information security is a mainstay and top priority for those interacting with health information systems. It delivers on this promise via the HITRUST CSF  which was a result of a partnership between HITRUST and healthcare, technology and information security thought leaders.

What makes the HITRUST CSF® so ground breaking is the fact that it encompasses the requirements of several existing standards such as ISO, PCI, COBIT, HIPAA, HITECH, and NIST. In other words, this ONE benchmark covers the prerequisites of many principles that are commonly requested of companies that deal with PHI to fulfill.

By undergoing a HITRUST CSF certification and implementing the HITRUST CSF an organization communicates to its partnership community that it puts top value on the security of Protected Health Information. It is a trust builder. It will likely reduce the number of audit requests as well since it covers the groundwork of several other standards.

If you believe engaging HITRUST makes sense for your organization the next step is to contact an approved HITRUST CSF assessor. Approved assessors go through rigorous training and are approved by HITRUST to perform assessments.

We are incredibly proud to announce that Assure Professional has recently been recognized by HITRUST as an approved assessor. If you would like more information regarding HITRUST or have any related questions, contact William Holman, CPA, HITRUST CCSFP

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