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Our experts take ownership over your accounting records so you can focus on running your company.

Our founders have led due diligence engagements in a variety of industries - we will customize our procedures to address your unique situation.

Assure Professional provides both buy side and sell side due diligence to meet your financial and tax needs.

Assure Professional provides services at all stages in the life cycle of your fund.

From SOC 1 (formerly SSAE 16) Audits to Accounting and Tax Services, the experts at Assure Professional provide a variety of services to fulfill all your audit and accounting needs.

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Due Diligence

Each deal is unique and has its own set of terms and offers various risks and rewards. Assure Professional founders have lead due diligence engagements across a variety of industries with a total transaction value in excess of $2,000,000,000. As soon as we are engaged, we will work to acquire an in depth knowledge of the various factors related to your transaction and will customize our procedures to address the key aspects of your deal. Our services include the following.
  • Quality of Earnings Analysis - assessment of EBITDA and any necessary adjustments
  • Quality of Forecast Analysis - analysis of key assumptions and factors and assessment of forecast achievability
  • Quality of Net Asset Analysis - assessment of balance sheet
  • Assessment of key financial and operating trends
  • Evaluation of accounting policies and adherence to general accepted accounting principles
  • Proof of cash analysis
  • Working capital analysis and assessment of working capital peg (if any)
  • Participation in purchase price negotiations as needed and based on diligence conclusions
  • Provide input to purchase agreements and loan documents
  • Development of post close reporting structure and package
  • Opening balance sheet review and analysis
  • Review of federal and state income tax returns
  • Review of payroll, property, sales, and escheat tax returns, as needed
  • Nexus analysis
  • Tax structuring consultation
  • Review of purchase and operating agreements
  • Sell-side transaction income tax analysis
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Transaction costs analysis
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